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Should I have sinus surgery?

Should I have sinus surgery?

Happy Tuesday Braves Fans!!! Welcome to the next edition of Weiss ENTuesday. What a weekend of exciting baseball as our Braves took the first two games of the National League Championship Series. And, to top that off, the #1 Dawgs convincingly won their game against...

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Should I keep my nosebleeds for Halloween?

Should I keep my nosebleeds for Halloween?

Hello again! Welcome to a spooky Weiss ENTuesday!! Our Atlanta Braves are one victory away from winning their division series against the Brewers! Hopefully a huge crowd will attend today’s game, even filling the “nosebleed” seats. Speaking about nosebleeds….

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Weiss ENT is committed to your health and safety as the coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to spread.  We are monitoring the CDC and WHO websites and taking all necessary precautions.

The current situation is very fluid and changing hour to hour.  Patients are encouraged to check the following resources for up to date information on COVID-19, including how to best keep yourself safe and what you should do if you suspect that either you or a family member may have fallen ill with this virus.

Georgia Department of Public Health

Centers for Disease Control

Please contact your primary care provider or local urgent care service if you have any of the following symptoms.

  • Had a fever, dry cough, symptoms of lower respiratory illness (e.g., cough or shortness of breath), or other cold/flu like symptoms
  • Been exposed to someone that has been diagnosed with coronavirus or someone that has had contact with anyone under quarantine for the virus
  • Recently traveled outside of the United States in the past 2 months or been exposed to anyone returning from outside of the United States

In-Office & Telehealth Services

The health and safety of our patients, their families, our staff and physicians are extremely important to us.  For those not ready to come into the office, you can request our telehealth services in lieu of on-site appointments during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Patients seen in-office are asked to do the following to ensure their safety and our staff:

  • All patients need to wear masks to their appointment (home-made is acceptable)
  • If you are fully vaccinated, we do not require you to wear a mask at this time.

We will continue to update our website with any changes to these policies. We appreciate your patience during this time.

Specialty Centers

Weiss ENT is proud to feature its Specialty Centers. These Centers allow us to provide the full range of Otolaryngology care for our patients.
Allergy & Sinus Center

The Allergy & Sinus Center features the evaluation of chronic nasal obstruction, facial pressure and sinus infections featuring the medical and surgical treatment of chronic sinusitis including, when appropriate, in-office balloon sinuplasty.

Snoring & Sleep Apnea Center

Does your partner snore preventing you from sleeping well? Do you possibly suffer from obstructive apnea causing you to be lethargic in the morning and fatigued during the day? Weiss ENT is excited to announce the North Atlanta Snoring and Sleep Apnea Center featuring Home Sleep Tests and minimally invasive in-office procedures to treat snoring and obstructive sleep apnea.

Audiology & Hearing Aid Center

The Audiology and Hearing Aid Center is directed by audiologist Dr. Jiovanne Hughart. Locally and nationally renowned, Dr. Hughart is available to perform diagnostic hearing evaluation as well as counsel people on the latest in hearing aid technology.

Dr. Lawrence Weiss, ENT

The ENT Doctor Marietta GA Calls First
Dr. Lawrence Weiss specializes in caring for children as well as adults. He has extensive experience in pediatric otolaryngology having trained under several prominent pediatric otolaryngologists.

  • 5 star review  Today was my last day at Weiss ENT and it was exactly 1 month after my surgery. I started having sinus pain and pressure following a cold in October 2018. It grew into daily headaches that would reach their climax by noon every day. Allergy season was miserable. I didn't even realize how much it had changed my attitude. I was using breathe right strips, antibiotics for sinus infections, getting facials, etc. I went to two other ENTs and my doctor. All of whom would just give me antibiotics and tell me to schedule a CT scan. Dr. Weiss was the only one who was very up front about what to expect with surgery. He explained everything going on with my sinuses and told me what kind of surgery I would need and what it could expect in recovery. I got surgery last month. I woke up breathing better in the surgery room already! The first three days of recovery were just as he said. I had no paid and didn't need to take more than Tylenol and Advil. If I had an issue, the office would call me back. Dr. Weiss even called after hours to address my concerns. After my first post-op appointment that week I was breathing better and back at work after only a week off. I just completed my third post op appointment this morning and he said my nose is totally healed! My quality of life has drastically improved. I've had no headaches since my surgery and I've stayed healthy during cold season. If you're looking for a great Surgeon and friendly, honest medical staff then go to Weiss ENT! A lot of the healing responsibility (sinus rinses, medicines and ointment) is on you but Dr. Weiss and his team are great at giving you everything you need to stay on top of it. I also am notorious at being slow to recover from the tiniest scratch, so the fact that I'm healed after only three post op appointments and one month means I had a great surgeon! Thank you everyone at Weiss ENT!

    thumb Layne Livingston
    December 18, 2019

    5 star review  He was extremely through and and did everything he could to help diagnose my problem. Would definitely See Him again if another problem came up.

    thumb Ann annb
    August 7, 2018
  • 5 star review  I've been struggling with post-COVID throat/esophagus issues for 3 months. I saw multiple different doctors who insisted I had acid reflux, which it clearly wasn't. Weiss ENT was my last-ditch effort to get answers. Dr. Lawrence Weiss figured out what the problem after only one appointment. I'm not living in pain anymore because of him. I have my life back.

    thumb Marisa Williams
    December 17, 2020

    5 star review  I turned to Dr. Weiss when dentistry was not able to diagnose a lower jaw pain. Thru examination and a CT scan, it was also determined that the condition was not caused by my sinuses. He made recommendations for the next step - neurology. His process of diagnosis was thorough, to the point, but done with sympathy to my pain. I highly recommend this ENT for your own issues. The East Cobb office is convenient and there is no parking fee. A big plus and advantage over going to pill hill. I will return if/when it is needed. His advice is greatly appreciated.

    thumb Chuck Rann
    June 3, 2020