The loss of equilibrium or balance, is a feeling that most everyone has experienced at some point in their lives.

Dizziness can manifest in many ways, It may present as a true spinning, called vertigo, or a sense of swaying, light headedness, floating, or imbalance. Thankfully, it is a usually a short lived phenomenon. However, many people, especially as we “mature,” have prolonged or recurrent episodes of dizziness that significantly impact their lives.

Dizziness can have multiple causes. It can be due to an inner ear problem, a brain problem, a spine problem, an eye problem, or problems with our lower extremities. As a result, determining the cause of one’s dizziness can be difficult.

At Weiss ENT, for those significantly affected by dizziness, we offer extensive diagnostic testing to determine the cause, or causes, of one’s dizziness. Once we know the cause, or causes, of one’s dizziness, we are then able to recommend appropriate treatment to lessen or resolve the impact of this distressing problem. If dizziness is impacting your quality of life, consider making an appointment with us so we can help you!