Hello again! Welcome to our next Weiss ENTuesday! We’re going to kick things off a little differently today by presenting the beginning of The Sinonasal Surgery Series where we answer the question:
When and why should I consider having surgery on the inside of my nose?
As you’re reading this, I hope our Atlanta Braves are still in first place. The baseball season is long. The intention of all the teams is to do as well as they can and, hopefully, qualify to be in the playoffs. Having a plan and successfully carrying it out is, obviously, important. Yet, unforeseen events occur that can affect outcomes. Players get injured. Players may not perform as well as expected. You name it. Yet, the team tries its best, under its leadership, to do as well as it can, sticking to its original strategy. As the season progresses, changes are made to adapt to situations. But, in the beginning of the season, there is always a plan.
This is the same when creating a plan with your surgeon for favorable outcomes during and after surgery!
Troubles breathing through the nose, recurrent prolonged sinus infections, and facial pain/pressure are frequent complaints for which people seek medical attention. These are also, by and large, the symptoms that can be resolved with the proper surgery.
In the coming weeks, we will discuss the various surgeries available and their indications. The big picture message we’d like to relay today is that by the end of their ENT visit in office, patients should understand the following:
1) Why are they having their symptoms?
2) What are all the available options, conservative and aggressive, to treat their symptoms?
3) What is being recommended by the ENT provider?
4) Why is the ENT provider recommending their plan?
In our current world, there is an overabundance of information. When it comes to sinonasal problems and making decisions about what to do, we hope to make the process easier so…
You can NoseIt!!!
Look out for our future posts in The Sinonasal Surgery Series to learn more about ENT surgeries!
Til then, be kind, stay well, and remain healthy.
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