Hello again! Welcome to a spooky Weiss ENTuesday!! Our Atlanta Braves are one victory away from winning their division series against the Brewers! Hopefully a huge crowd will attend today’s game, even filling the “nosebleed” seats.

Speaking about nosebleeds…

Epistaxis is the official name for nosebleeds. It is a condition frequently seen in our office. Bleeding can range from a mild, few drops to a severe “gusher”. It can be a one-time event or a chronic, recurrent issue.

When problematic, it is best to see an ENT provider for an evaluation as there are multiple causes for epistaxis.

The more common reasons for epistaxis are listed below:
1) A vascular plexus (a bundle of blood vessels) on the surface of the nasal septum
2) An inflammatory vascular lesion called a Pyogenic Granuloma which may occur anywhere in the front portion the nasal passages

Both can usually be resolved with an in-office procedure called cauterization in which the offending lesion or vessel is destroyed. For small children, we usually must do this in the operating room using a brief general anesthesia.

Certainly, there are many other causes for epistaxis. This is why it is always best to have a new or problematic nosebleed thoroughly evaluated by an ENT provider!

And Now U Nose It about Epistaxis!

Til next Tuesday, be kind, stay well, stay healthy, and keep on Choppin’! Go Braves! (And Go Dawgs!)


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