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Welcome to the next edition of Weiss ENTuesday. What a weekend of exciting baseball as our Braves took the first two games of the National League Championship Series. And, to top that off, the #1 Dawgs convincingly won their game against that basketball school.

A lot of people have problems with their sinuses. The most common reason to consider sinus surgery is prolonged bouts of sinusitis that, despite treatment with a bunch of antibiotics, allergy meds, and saline nasal irrigations, continue to recur. So why, when and what should one expect from sinus surgery?

For starters, let’s know what’s going on with the sinuses so you can understand what is being suggested to you.

The typical symptoms of sinusitis are: 1) Facial pain and/or pressure, 2) Congestion with trouble breathing through the nose and, occasionally, the lungs, and 3) A discolored, usually yellow or green, mucus that is coughed up and/or blown from the nose. These are the symptoms that, the vast majority of time, can be and are resolved with proper sinus surgery.

When we’re doing sinus surgery there are two goals: 1) Get rid of the infected material within the affected sinuses, 2) Create wide open openings for the affected sinuses so that once one is healed, what should be happening is: Air enters the sinus and mucus, normally secreted by the lining of the sinuses, is able to exit.

What sinus surgery is not: 1) A cure for allergies, 2) A cure for migraine headaches, 3) A prevention for catching colds (but, it does prevent colds from inevitably progressing into prolonged sinus infections!)

There you have it. These are the reasons to have sinus surgery and what to expect afterwards. Now U Nose It about sinus surgery!!

Please let us know if you have any questions regarding his topic and any others you might like us to discuss.

‘Til next time, be kind, stay well, remain healthy, and keep on choppin’! Go Braves!!!