• COVID & Facial Pain
    I hope this note finds you and yours well and “hanging in there” during this unique time in which we live. So much has happened, is happening, and will happen…Hopefully, for the betterment of all.Unfortunately, the COVID pandemic is still with us.  Hopefully a preventative vaccine and curative therapeutics are in our near future.  But, until that becomes a reality, it is still best for all of us to adhere to social distancing and wearing a mask in public…
  • COVID-19 Testing Available & Donations Accepted!
    🎉We want to thank our patients who participated in getting tested for COVID-19 & making donations to Must Ministries and Atlanta Food Bank. Our office raised $250.00 last week!!! 📢Let’s keep it going! If you are interested in getting COVID-19 testing, please call our office to coordinate a time for your appointment at 770-971-1533. Although our office will not charge […]
  • Wake up, people: You’re fooling yourself about sleep, study says
    Hey, sleepyheads. What you believe about sleep may be nothing but a pipe dream.Many of us have notions about sleep that have little basis in fact and may even be harmful to our health, according to researchers at NYU Langone Health’s School of Medicine, who conducted a study published Tuesday in the journal Sleep Health.”There’s such a link between good […]
  • Hair Transplant Now Available Here!
    Our Medspa, East Cobb Rejuvenation, now offers Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)! What is FUE? FUE stands for Follicular Unit Extraction, a state-of-the-art, minimally invasive hair transplant method for obtaining follicular units from the donor area one-by-one using the Harris S.A.F.E. System, invented and patented by Dr. James Harris of Hair Sciences of Colorado, and currently in use around the globe. Because the amount of […]
  • Our New Blog!
    Our Atlanta United and Braves are in first place. The Falcons are getting ready to roll. Vacations are wrapped up. The kids have returned to school and we’re all getting back into our life’s rhythm. I’ve had a challenging few months recuperating from Achilles’ tendon surgery and, thankfully, am doing well. All of us at Weiss ENT hope you’ve had […]